Television’s New Form of Entertainment

      Sex, parties, alcohol, screaming women and violent men. Reality shows are taking over television as the primary source of entertainment with these nasty attributes. Why on earth do we watch this junk? What happend to the good old day of television shows? Even the news has taken a hit to the new demand of reality shows. We should be aware of what we put into our minds and in the minds of our future generation. I dont want my future child to sit down and watch how to cuss and screw other boys or girls. We should just be careful of what we support and try to figure out what is really important to see on television.

Laguna Beach and Newport Harbor were the leading roles for the dumb girls forming today. These dumb girls speak like they have no education in highschool and do not seem to care about the outside world. They just dwell on the shopping and boys. How on earth is this entertainment? Why do i want to see a bunch of girls with big butt glasses and dogs in their purses. We now idolize Paris Hilton and her fashion. Why? How is she a good role model for the young girls back at home? The only thing to gain about these rich girls that only get more rich with their shows is to how to be arrogant and blind; if you consider that a gain.

Reality shows weren’t always a bunch of none sense. They use to be good. The Real World started on MTV and you got to see into the lives of how people formed relationships and how they interacted with one another. Now, all they do is curse, threaten, and have sex with anything that moves. The Apprentice started and you got to see different courses of bisness. You can actually learn from that show a couple of things of advertisement and how to interact with your co-workers and etc. There were a lot of good shows forming as reality shows. Now we have a burst of crap such as America’s Most Smartest Supermodel, Bad Girl’s Club, Hell’s Kitchen, anything on MTV and etc.

For some reason society has found that the more outrageous behavior is on these reality shows, the more entertaining it is when the reality is that its all a facade. Either these people who have big issues need serious help, or they are acting in front of the camera to seek attention and pull up ratings for the show. When Amerosa on the Apprentice (who was a snake) popped up, she got famous (even though it was for only 2 days!). When you saw Ms. South Carolina jumble her words on television, she blew up famous while the winner of the pagent got no plubicity. The more Britney screws up, the more attention is averted from real problems on the news. People today only want to hear about the dirty things of people whether it be on reality shows or of celebs. I dont know why becuase for me I get tired of the same old thing. Lindsey is on drugs…again. Britney screwed a guy….again. Paris flashed her crotch…..again. These young celebs are falling, falling becuase of society’s weird butt demads.

 The news has also changed its mode of information. Now we see celeberties painted up on the headlines. Especially when Britney Spears sister got pregnant at a young age, thats all that was talked about. When it comes to politics we have changed our strategies as a citizen on picking the right candidate. We look at the clothes, the hair, and etc and judge these candidates by the way they look. If you can imagine them sitting with you eating lunch one day, that’s who you’ll pick. What about their views? What do they stand for? What are they going to do for us as leaders of this country?  Hilery Clinton did a little segment on television where you could ask her anything about herself and views that didn’t pertain to politics…..why? The only thing i want to hear from her mouth is what her next move is not what color she likes for a popsicle! We as a society demand things that are not important and these candidates just want to win favor by giving us what we want.  I had a friend tell me she didnt want Hilery Clinton to win becuase she was a Bitch. “Why?” I ask her….she just said that Hilery just is. She could not give me a real answer. She based her decision on who she likes instead of what these candidates stand for.  We need to re-evaluate what we want to know in communications. What do i want to hear about the world today? What do i want to see on television? What do the candidates for the 2008 election plan on doing for this country? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves and search for the right answers.

 I’m not dissing television, I am all for good fun on the couch watching 24, or Friends. However, I am just forwarning the new path television has its course set on in which we must be aware of. We need to be aware of what we put in our heads and how we conduct ourselves and what we demand. We should not get caught up in what is not important and constantly strive for what is important.  Its ok to laugh, cry or just be entertained from televsion, but do not let television fool you with its new ideas of what is entertainment.



One Response to Television’s New Form of Entertainment

  1. chencenter says:

    There IS a steady degrading of society and I think it plays a big part in what is shown on television and in film. I think it has something to do with our basic human nature and the drive to become recognized. People buy Hummers and expensive bling in order to be recognized…not because it’s actually practical or serves an aesthetic purpose. “The bigger (or more) the better” seems to be society’s mantra. I don’t believe there is anything that we can do to curve this problem except for teaching our children what to truly value (i.e. relationships over sex, charity over senseless spending)…and to wait for a pop icon to emerge who is inwardly and outwardly a saint. Imagine if a figure came around that was a huge and international as Michael Jackson was during Thriller…but is instead a giving, compassionate, wise, respectful human being whose goal is to make sure the world is a becomes a better place. It would likely spark a revolution of kindess. It’s just a shame that our society also seeks to bring down such heros… in any way they can via the media. And there are lots of examples: Bill Cosby, Kobe Bryant, Bill Clinton. Yes they made mistakes…but instead of trying to be understanding and forgiving…we crucify them for being just as weak as we are.

    Great post! Can’t wait to read more. (and love the layout too!) ilo

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