My Brother

On February 17, 1998 I galloped down the stairs at the sound of my father’s voice. It was before school time and I found it strange my mother was not around preparing breakfast. My dad then told me to sit down and that today was a special day because my new baby brother was born. Joshua, my other brother, and I wiggled in our seats in excitement. What would he look like? How small is he? Many curious questions popped up in our minds.  Soon we arrived at the hospital with my grandma behind and walked towards my mother’s room.  As I looked in…there he was. A little tiny baby, wrapped up in blankets as if he was out in the artic. He was sleeping peacefully with his blonde curls resting on his new born skin.  When I saw his tiny fingers bunched up in his fist, I knew then that my brother was special.Liam as a toddler was a playful little child. He called me mom and my mother mommy. I would play with him all the time and we would giggle at our silliness.  He was always full of laughter and smiles. That’s what makes everyone love him.Liam is a warm hearted, spirited fellow filled with never ending energy. His heart is bigger than mine! Liam is always there for you and always cares. That is one of his best qualities. When you are sad he pets your hair and kisses you. When you are mad, he listens and when you are happy, Liam is always there to share the laughter and grins.  His energetic spirit is all the more social and young.  Liam always enjoys other people’s company and has a youthful imagination. Playing with him is a never ending circle of creativity. From superman action hero figures to Spiderman games on the X-box, Liam’s energy to play never dies out. He and I love to make crafts at home when ever there is a supply of art materials. With that we get to fest our eyes on his pictures of dragons, his friends and such; as well as portraits of us, his family members.  Liam loves animals! Including his great stuffed monkey named Nacho from “Build a Bear.”  You can find him petting dogs and learning of animals in books. When Liam is curious about something, he does not stop to think about getting a book from Barnes and Noble to learn about the particular animal. My family and I love Liam. He truly is a treasure box of surprises and idiosyncrasies. I can’t wait to see my little brother grow up to be somebody big. I know in my heart there are great things in store for him.  Everyday as I look into those big green eyes, I know that God has placed a gift and destiny in his soul.  All we have to do now, is wait and watch his winding road….unwind. 



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