Best Vacation

For Easter break I had almost a week off from school. I went to Myrtle Beach where I had the time of my life!  Day one was magical, day two was orgasmic! and day 3 was the perfect ending.  I have never embarked on so many things in one trip!  I got to walk Barefoot landing in North Myrtle and stroll around the shops and get a caricature done. I had the opportunity to hold and take a picture with a white tiger and a Gibben named Yogi. I can still feel the tigers wooly yet catish fur on my fingertips and the monkeys soft but rubber fingers around my neck! Next year they have a tour where you can spend time with the animals and different kinds too! Imma taking it! I got to go on an adventure in treasure island putt putting where i went through caves with waterfalls several feet high while hitting balls into holes.  Then I got to witness dinosaurs swimming, flying, and stomping around at the I-MAX theater at Broadway at the Beach. And lastly, I had the grand privilage of being at Medievil Times! Now, I thought it was going to be this overpriced gig where I see the horses far down below me and the food was going to be crap…but instead i was pleasently surprised to see that I was close up near the horses and action! plus the food was delicious! I got to cheer on my knight (who was red and yellow) and see him defeat the bad guy in the end all the while eating my delicious meal. LOVED IT! Not only did i get to do these things, I still had a chance to visit the beach and bask in its magnificance!  The best part of my trip however, was being with my bf whom I love dearly.  Without him this trip would lay insignificant.  While i got to do these things, I held his hand and kissed his lips all through the day! There is nothing like doing something fun with someone you love.  We sat huddled together on the sandy shore watching the seagulls get fed and our feet dig in the warm sand. We got to cheer our knight and kiss under the waterfall.  We had our picture taken petting wild animals and hold hands walking the layers of shops.   I had the best time and it was so relaxing. There’s nothing like a perfect trip to keep your optimism high! 🙂


One Response to Best Vacation

  1. well well well. let me just first say, “i love you.” can’t believe you left out monopoly… of which you beat me death with (first with utilities of all things… then when New York Avenue). Glad we could play again so that I can teach your the wrath of Boardwalk. “Excuse me, that’ll be $1400 dollars”. I can’t wait until our next adventure. Seriously, we need to win that lottery… I want to do it all !!!

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