Animal Lovin

I adore animals.  Dogs being my favorite pet of all time amaze me. From their soft eyes to their happy tails, I love each and every one of them! In fact, my favorite type of dog is the Lab. I believe that will be my first pet as soon as I get a place that allows animals. They are so loyal and fun that I just can’t get enough of them.  You can ask my bf…I never can leave dogs alone when i see one!

 From the ocean my favorite animal is the dolphin. They are so sweet. I had the opportunity to swim with one in Jamaica and wow! I wish I could have done that cool…” hang on their fin” thing while they speed swim through the water…but just being able to say I touched one and being able to experiance beingin the water with them is a huge reward for me.  Dolphins are so smart and cute which is why they are my top ocean animal!

From the plains of Africa to the Amazon Jungle I love all kinds of animals. From Tigers to chimps, Elephants to horses; I love them all. I think if i won the lottery or something…I would build my own zoo!  The Tigers Preserve lets you take a tour where you can actually interact with the animals!  I think if I was to build my own zoo…I would do something just like that!…only cheaper! 🙂 Below are the animals ive been able to take pics of…..i plan on collecting more exotic animals pictures!

I dont know why i chose to write about this. i think it has something to do with watching animal planet all day! Anyhoo, to sum up this random and perhaps pointless blog……

 Animals rock!

white-tiger.jpg     yogi-the-gibben2.jpg     picture-060_edited.jpg   

  picture-011_edited.jpg    picture-200_edited.jpg     picture-259_edited.jpg    



2 Responses to Animal Lovin

  1. hahaha. something in my gut told me that you’d be writing a blog such as this one! I love the pictures. Several of them I hadn’t ever seen before. I can tell you’re not completely comfortable with the reptiles yet… and I know in your heart of hearts Miss Katiee Blink is your favorite in that category. (at least she should be close to the top). Let’s get started with those lottery tickets, because I want to build my own otter exhibit.

  2. daisybug says:

    I can cure you of your dog obsession,

    I have four.

    That is three too many.

    Four years ago I was a dog-maniac! Once my MIL moved in with her 3 – well – let’s just say I’ve had my fill. And then some.

    Read my lips family: No.more.pets.


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