I had a crazy…crazy dream last night. But I like it becuase it helped me realize some things afterwards (hated it during the dream).  It was about me and my boo and we were on this wierd adventure. 

It all starts out with Mike and I hugging and then all of a sudden in Walmart…a group of terrorists came and shot up the place telling everyone in Walmart to go into a dark cave.  For some reason, there was this big butt cave in the corner of walmart. I remember seeing a herd of people go in this cave in panic…which is weird.  Idk why mike was not with me but I ran for my life into the cave with everyone else and then saw a train. It was like those lil kid trains where you just step in and sit down. I got this sinking feeling that I was going to die, I was so scared all i wanted was Mike. This  white man with a whip wanted me to get in and i said i only wanted to sit with my baby, Mike. he kept trying to get me into the cart but refused like crazy. Then the guy  finally gave up and rolled his eyes. He said that Mike was is in the  retard section. I looked over to where he was pointing and saw my love staring off into space. I didnt care, all i wanted was to be with him and if he really was retarded, I wanted to take care of him in this time of crisis. But as the train started to move through a tunnel i whispered to Mike asking him if he was faking it and he looked over at me with his blue eyes glowing so beautifully and nodded. He then grabbed me and kissed me before the dude with a whip saw. As we went through the tunnel I saw Lindsey Lohan make out with this dude with no top on in the other dude’s shirt……What the hell right? haha Then we were stuck in this city and were made to work like slaves. This black guy with a whip started asking people in lines whether they accepted Christ as their lord and savior while in the background some building burned and the whole town was dressed up in the KKK outfits. I know i know….what the heck? Everytime someone said they didnt know Jesus, the black guy would whip them crazy. Turns out there was a witch over the city that was making all this evil come out. So i went and i dont rememeber how the hell i did it but i ended up caging her and burried this bottle that seemed to give her powers in the sand. She screamed and hollered as i left to bury the bottle. When I came back the witch told me that Mike had died. She said she had poisoned him with her eyes. I cried like a freakin kid who had all their limbs broken! I was like…..I dont want to live without him! I just want my baby! Bring him back,bring him back! I cant live without him! He is my life! And then i saw mike on this Aladdin bed beside the witche’s cave. I ran over and i kissed his dead body and hugged him sobbing like crazy. Then Mike woked up and carresed my head and said…”its alright baby im here.” And we just hugged and kissed…….It was a happy ending to a WIERD AND CRAAAAZY story!

Your problably wondering….why? Well idk I have the wildest dreams…dont get me started! But when i woke up i had tears in my eyes and i had this warm feeling of gratefulness that Mike was still alive. I also felt my love for him just beaaaaaaaaaaaam out of me like crazy becuase i was so close to losing him…in fact i did lose him and i couldnt stand it!  I am just so happy to have Mike in my life. Even though this dream was so funky, im glad i had it! I love my bf….i know i know im a cheeseball!


4 Responses to Devotion

  1. daisybug says:

    Hmmm – they say dreams are a clearinghouse for random thoughts, ideas and pretty much anything that passes over our eyes – this one seems to be proof of that. Your subconscious can’t process all of them – so sometimes we have weird wacked-out dreams like this to get rid of all the crap. I will say that I am more rpone to dreams of this nature if I have an energy drink of some kind.

    I often have vivid dreams, but not weird like this, when I do TaiChi regularly, if I use the hot tub before bed I rarely have any dreams that I remember.

    I personally don’t believe any of that crap about dreams meaning anything special. They are just an echo of things that we are processing.

    Glad you found your silver lining though – that is always nice. I am always glad to wake up from a dream like that and realize it was JUST A DREAM… phewww! 🙂

  2. jennypruna says:

    I know! This dream didnt make sense! I obviously had a lot of crap in my head! lol But at least i got SOMETHING from the heartache even though I rather avoid dreams like this! 🙂 For me dreams like this just come to me…maybe i eat to many sweets b4 i go to bed idk but typically ive always had weird dreams like this! My brain gets real busy i guess hehe 🙂

  3. chencenter says:

    omg bebe! that’s pretty wierd. it’s amazing how you remembered so much of it! i’m glad i turned out okay. i remember as a kid (watching Nightmare on Elm Street) was thinking, “if you die in your dreams you die in real life.” nowadays, i can count on my fingers how many times i have died in dreams. luckily it isn’t real… b/c i have a great deal of life to share with you yet!

    on another note… i’m soo flattered with all of this blog attention. it seems that 60%-70% of your blogging has to do with me! it really makes me smile. i love being your muse (as you are mine!) but i hope we are not turning people off by gushing over each other so much. i dunno.. maybe you shouldn’t stop.. i crave the attention sometimes (you know that).

    And btw doll, get down with the pc (politically correctness).. it’s “mentally handicapped”… not “retarded”… cuz you’re retarded. hehehe. love you!

  4. jennypruna says:

    I dont care, I love writing about you! I write about my life, and your it! So shut up! haha I lvoe you!

    haha and the dude said retarted…im just stating what was actually said! cutie!

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