Wise Words From The Dalai Lama

I’m not a Buddhist expert but I was reading Time mag about the Dalai Lama and found an interesting quote that he said that i thought was very clever. He said, “Before, destruction of your enemy was victory for your side.  But really, destruction of your enemy is destruction for yourself.”  Isn’t that clever? It’s true. The context of this statement was about the idea of Tibetans calling the Chinese their enemy.  The Dalai Lama believes them not to be the enemy but instead an important thread in a blanket. He thinks that everyone is dependent on each other; interdependence. Interdependence (quoted by the Time Mag writer Pico Iyer) is “the notion that all sentient being are linked together in a network that was classically known as Indra’s net.”  Iyer says that for the Tibetans to call the Chinese the enemy is like calling your right eye your ally and your left the foe. Interesting isn’t it? I think that statement that the Dalai Lama said also applies to everyday hardships in people’s lives. If you get hurt by someone, you would typically want Karma to hit them right back in-between the eyes. That way, they suffer like you did. But if you think about what the Dalai Lama said, to want the other person to be destroyed like you were is like destroying yourself with that anger you have towards them.  Idk, this is just what struck me. I still have to finish the article but i wanted to comment on this before I lost my idea….I’m very forgetful! 🙂



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