Beyond Dirty Dancing

So I went to a club last night and all I can say is “wow”.  Im not a constant club go-er but I do like to dance. Last club I went to was the Inferno in Greensboro, NC and it was so much fun. They played “retro” music from the 70s to the 90s. The club had a cool dance floor that lit up and had a relaxing atmosphere. Now I went to this other club called the N-Club last night and I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was seriously like a place to go find sex. Girls were half naked and I’m not exaturating because if i can see some other girls boobs literally pop out of their bra….. or see a fold of an ass cheek, ya know there’s something too revealing in your outfit! Women were on the dance floor doing dirty moves as men stood on the outside of the dance floor with beers and cigarrette smoke while watching them. Its unbelievable how incredibly ugly this club was. Call me naive but I thought it was everyone on the dance floor just dancing away to some great hip hop beats. I expected everyone to be dancing not just 6 women in a circle going to the ground shaking their butts as men whispered to each other checking out their bodies! It was totally degrading! Then the DJ was trying to get everyone pumped up by telling them to stick up their middle fingers up and repeatedly say, “I DONT GIVE A FUCK!” When that was said, i finally concluded that this club was a place for ghetto people. That club had no class! It was like a place for women to act like hoes and men get to chose. REALLY?! Now I don’t listen to hip hop because it is not my type of music. However, I prefer hip hop when it comes to dancing because it has great beats. Yet last night i heard songs that were beyond wrong. Songs were describing women as “hoes” and also describing the oral sex that these women gave them! Drugs, sex, Drugs and more sex was the theme of every song but in the most racy way you can think of.  Friends warned me of the club’s reputation but i had no idea it was up to this extent. I would not feel safe there if I had not gone with my boyfriend and friends thats for sure!


Anyways, it is just sad to see women degrade themselves just to get a man’s attention! I mean, wow! Men are becoming more perverted because women don’t hold their class anymore. They just want to throw themselves out there like an open buffet line instead of prizing themselves and justifying their worth. Im disapointed in both sexes and it worries me too because the younger generation is copying these awful trends! My friend works at the YMCA and she said the club was not that big of a shock because she is used to seeing this behavior in middle school kids at parties at the YMCA……MIDDLE SCHOOL PEOPLE! I know if i have a child, whether boy or girl, I will drill into them what our current generations lack. Bill Cosby is fighting these ideas that younger people think is cool such as, rap music that has cuss words and terrible content, language, and etc.  Its ok for culture to evolve but we are evolving into something bad instead of something good! We need more people like Bill Cosby and such to bring back the morals that people today have forgotten.


My other friend went to this FLO RIDA concert at the N-CLub….whooo heee! She said it was graunchy because everyone was drunk and the people performing on stage brought these women up and made gestures of oral sex. He made them squat and put the women’s face into their crotches. WOW! Then these women started taking off their clothes, ON StAGE! I dont know, but to me it seems like something has to change!


3 Responses to Beyond Dirty Dancing

  1. daisybug says:

    You know, usually women dress like that because they feel like they have nothing else to offer. Who knows what has happened to them to make them feel that way – but I usually find my heart filled with pity rather than contempt when I see someone like that – I just want to put a jacket around them and take them shopping You can look sexy without looking like a skanky-ho – right??

  2. chencenter says:

    hummm. you didn’t tell me you wrote this one babe! or did ya? anyways, in hindsight… the situation didn’t shock me b/c i know that some people DO act like that. I just had the wrong idea about the place in general. I thought that it was more of a hip-hop “college” club with younger people. Of course what we saw were 35 and overs who have probably been divorced a couple of times… has a couple of kids (all with different daddys)… and with the obvious lack of fashion sense. Call me “square” but sex and dancing are completely different.. or at least SHOULD BE. If we look at the movie Dirty Dancing… we had girls that would dance right up on the guy. Both people were active participants in the dance!… plus, their attire was one that covered most of the bodies. The dances are sexy… and not sex. Some of these N-Clubers need to be arrested for indecent exposure. Not to mention that lady that “backed that ass up”… against my will…into me. I’m scarred for life. (sigh) i l oooo

  3. Paul Eilers says:

    I agree with all that you wrote.

    Whenever I see women dressed inappropriately, I always think to myself, “What are you advertising?”

    My wife and I have a fifteen year old son, Dylan. We have had our ‘birds and the bees’ talks. I warn him about the women that you posted about. I tell Dylan, “You want to marry a woman just like your mama!”

    By the way, I went school at Lees-McRae College, right up the mountain from Boone and Appalachian State. We used to make trips to the ASU campus, because the small, little quaint town of Banner Elk can be so boring. Besides, Lees-MCRae was quite the suitcase college!

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