Public Affection

I was just thinking today of the past. I thought of all my x-relationships and even though they ended, they still had its highlights. I was remembering of all the good times in every relationship which was mostly in the beginning. I think the beginning of every relationship is the best and also the scaryist. It is scary because the possibilty of getting hurt is at its high but at the same time you still feel little butterflies in your stomach at the sight of him. Yet the best part of the beginning is the bubbling sensations you get. Its fresh, its new. Every touch, every word, hug, and kiss is electric. The best part of the relationship in my opinion is that unseperable attraction you get for the other person. Every second, every where you go no matter where you are, the other person wants to remind you that they care with constant kisses, hand plays, and hugs especially around other people. I love public affection, I love how the guy always wants to “claim” what they think is theirs. When I always started to go out with someone they would always be affectionate in public. Arm around the waist, hand in hand, or hugging me from behind kissing my neck are all loverly signs of affection. I loved being spoiled and shown off even if the other dudes already knew i was off limits. LOVE IT! To me public affection like that reads off as you are proud to be with the other person and showing how you dont want to share your special someone.  I don’t know if that is just highschool affection but im kinda sure it still occurs when your older.  Its the little things that remind me of how the other person cares, you dont have to make out in public to show your feelings becuase thats just over the top.  Plus i think public affection says alot for how the future will turn out to be.  If you get no affection when your together before you get married then you can gaurentee that there will be none in marraige. Thats my guess at least. Yet if you’re with someone who constantly is nuzzling you and kisses you all the time on the forehead not only in private but also in front of friends, you can guess that the other person will not be afraid to love you when your married.  I dont ever plan on marrying someone who doesnt display their love becuase I am a very emotional person and I love to show affection. But if i get nothing back, it makes me feel like im hitting a dead end.  I need actions to back up words, and once they join together in one argument then I am a happy camper. hehe I dont know if all girls feel the same way i do but i know that’s what I like. I think the only time you can show a min amount of affection is around family becuase its just kinda weird for me. Otherwise i say dont be ashamed boys to show your girlfriends how much you care becuase if they are anything like me…they’d be waiting for you.  So tear down your ego and public affectionize your woman! haha 🙂


One Response to Public Affection

  1. chencenter says:

    I will !!!!!!! mwah!!!!!

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