Baby Boom….oh oh

It’s crazy to think that teenage girls would vow to have babies at the same time even if it meant to have them while still in high school. Unfortunatly that scenerio is happening all around America and it’s scary becuase we already have too many people to begin with. It seems that the newer generations want to destroy themselves or at least plant a bomb to set off in the future.  There is already an unwanted population of babies so I find it is absurd that teenagers would even think of having kids “just becuase”. With movies like Juno which is a film about a teenage parent, a lot of young people are starting to think it is ok to have kids at a young age. I like the movie Juno, it is a movie with great witisicsms and value but I dont feel the need to follow in the main character’s footsteps. Yet a lot of teenagers feel differently.  With the current baby boom exploding and the abortion rate going down, we have a problem on our hands.  Even though I am neutral on the subject of abortion, I find that the increase of children is rising at a wrong time. With the natural world growing slim, we humans for some reason find the need to bring a child into the world!  There arent as many wild areas as there used to be because we chop them down to accomodate for the excess population who need their own space! There is already a great divide in families due to the many bad choices made. Divorse rates, missing fathers, missing mothers, or just bad parenting all contribute to socities lack of family morals making the new generation feel lost, angry, and etc.  Fathers arent ready to be fathers and mothers (like the teens discussed above) arent ready to be mothers. 

I think it is ok to bring a child into the world but you have to ask yourself….”What’s the hurry?”  Just becuse you are a wife doesnt mean you need to have a child. Just becuase you feel unloved doesnt mean a child will solve all your lonely problems. Just because you said you would get pregnant with your friend doesnt mean you need to get pregnant.  I know a MARRIED couple that have steady jobs, have a nice home, and are in a good financial stage. They have just recently gotten pregnant with a child. Is that not the best timing? They are financially ready, mentally capable (they are nearly 30) and secure in their jobs to bring in a bundle of eating, spending, and pooping machines.  Now….a 15 year old who still throws tantrums like a 10 year old, still thinks the world revolves around Paris Hilton’s new pair of Armani shoes, and boys is not in a financially good state (still dependant on parents becuase they are STILL KIDS), do not have steady jobs (and if they do, I dont think Taco Bell will give you health benefits nor help keep you afloat with the income), AND are not mature enough to raise a child. The teenager is still a child. Can you imagine? A kid raising a kid?  Why do we need to implant to kids that having kids whenever is ok? I mean even at a young age we are like programed to have this instinct to take care of something. Little girls with baby dolls and games on a nitendo Ds!  Humans have the instinct to procreate….but we are smarter than animals…at least most of the time and need to be smart about sex…..which is why we need to teach the youngings the right time to have a kid and how to protect themselves!  With more programs that encourage abstince dissapearing, I dont know how this baby boom will stop! if it ever does

This is why we need to start educating, inforcing, and starting programs to help teenagers think TWICE about sex, and if they happen to get a little egg, what to do about it. Obviously these kids need guidence and someone to knock them in the head to get them to understand truth, and develop plain common sense. Like…..Friend you promised to get pregnant with at the same time happens to get pregnant their junior or sophmore year of highschool. What would be the thoughts we want these kids to think?

….”Oh shit, now i have to get preg just becuase i promised… im not ready but oh well!”


….”Shes crazy, ill be there for her but there is no way im going to ruin my life by getting pregnant!”

I think the answer (if you have common sense) speaks for itself…..


3 Responses to Baby Boom….oh oh

  1. daisybug says:

    I believe that teenage pregnancy (excepting that as resultant from rape) is a symptom of something gone wrong in the family. Girls with little or no self respect are more likely to get pregnant at an early age. This can come from a lack of attention, lack of proper boundaries, lack of supervision, lack of involvement in their lives from especially their fathers and even some kind of assault or abuse sexual or otherwise – even verbal. You can’t blame it on games or baby dolls. There is nothing new there. Girls have been socialized to nurture babies forever – it is nearly universal. (One tribe in, if memory serves me correctly, New Guinea encourages boys to be more nurturing than girls).

    These girls are at risk because their families have let them down in one way or another. Having sex – even having a baby suddenly gives them something and/or someone to be a part of…

  2. chencenter says:

    don’t be talkin’ trash about Juno, I love that movie! I don’t know that girls are having babies b/c they wanna relate to the main character… i just don’t believe that. But in a time when it’s casual to say, “i wanna have his babies” as a reference to liking someone… i can see where younger kids can get the wrong idea. But chalk it up to television and media that feed images of what girls should look like, how they should act like, show what gets you attention, fame, money, love, etc. It’s maddening, all of it. But although i don’t know if i agree with all of paragraph one… I do agree with paragraph two. Kids do want to grow up too fast and they take on things that they are not ready for… but we should blame ourselves a little… and parents need to recognize that they can still sit down and talk to their kids about these things. Big topic…. you could write a whole new blog around this.

  3. suranga says:

    Just came across your blog. We have been reading about the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, and policy matters apart, while I admire her resolve and guts to go ahead , deliver and take care of her Downs syndrome affected 6th child, I am absolutely aghast that her 17 year old daughter is pregnant, and the parents were simply not bothered about what was happening. If they cannot spare the time to teach their kids how to be responsible, they simply need to prioritize their stuff better. Vice Presidency will give you a great 4 -8 years, but you’ve messed up your child for life.

    I blog from Mumbai, India, and although globalization has hit us, we still wonder about how the mother can stand up in a convention and treat the whole thing as a show of family values…..

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