Laziness or Overloaded?

January 13, 2010

A student tells a 60-year-old professor that he can not do an assignment. His argument is that there is too much information out there. Back in the professor’s day…there were less resources, but now there is so much that it is nearly impossible to track down the right information.  Is that laziness or are students really bombarded with information?

Well, I feel that the argument can go both ways. Although I lean toward laziness on the students part, I do see his point. Research takes a long time sometimes because you are searching for specific facts. You go from a general category to specific details, which is hard half the time when there are a lot of bozo sites on the internet. Anyone now can post up a web site and claim it to be fact when truth be told, it was actually created and written by a 14-year-old. Teachers also expect quotes and facts that are specific. They don’t want some source to be so vague it can apply to any subject.

But if you think about it, wouldn’t that make us less lazy if we are constantly searching for truth? Isn’t it another skill to figure out the truth from the false information? Plus it helps us be skeptical of what people claim is truthful. I have had to do this kind of research since the 9th grade high school. So the student had a good point, but then again, I think he was just covering his ass! lol  Being in college, research should not be a shocker.


Writing Distractions

January 7, 2010

So my new years resolution is to continuously blog and write everyday. Kind of had a shaky start considering January 1st was several days ago… but here we go! I noticed that I am really easily distracted. My iphone, shopping, and watching television have grabbed my attention instead of sitting down with this cute Dell laptop and writing this Christmas Break. This Christmas, I got to spend a month in Florida. Boutiques, malls, department stores with crashing new sales, my iphone and spending time with family have distracted me tremendously. I am not blaming the cool technology nor the location, but lets just say it doesn’t help.

Last Christmas was spent in Nashville, TN. There wasn’t much to do and not enough cash in our pockets, so my mother and I sat and read most of our days at home. Read, Read, Read…Which I loved. I thought this vacation I would be about the same even though our wallets have stretched and  still on budget; but I was wrong. Everyday, my mother and I have visited tons of stores  and my rents have taken me to Orlando and to the beach on the weekends. We still have not fully covered our territory here in Tampa. We have vowed to not go out anymore until I leave Saturday to North Carolina. So I should be able to start the habit of writing that will help me complete my resolution.

What is it about technology that attracts us. Is it the invincible feeling of being able to do more than you thought you could with a phone?  Phones are only getting more and more advanced. Every time I visit my family, they are hooked on the newest gadget which leads me to getting caught up in the technology frenzy. Away from them, I am able to resist because I would have convinced myself that I didn’t need it and didn’t want to become another goof that craved the latest gadget that can make me fly or see through walls. lol

The iphone specifically has mesmerized me. Being able to touch the screen and be on facebook is awesome! I love it. Just feeling the soft flat screen as I command it to my will is intriguing in of itself. lol My older phone was a Blackjack one that I have had since Senior Year of high school. I love that phone but the Iphone is my new toy. But dont worry blackjack, you’ll always be my baby! lol