Soap Operas

January 9, 2010

My mother is into Spanish, hysterical, soap operas. Every night of the week from 8 to 10 or just 8 to 9 pm (depending if it is good enough) She devotes her time to following the lives of these fake characters. Even when the soap is starting to really suck, she nods away the suggestions to not watch them and instead, sits down with her cup of cereal to wait out for a big event where a secret is revealed, someone has died off, or whatever. Watching these soap operas are a part of the Hispanic culture. The same with sexy outfits…but that’s on another note.

I am not trying to kick soap watchers in the shins when I talk about the faults of soap operas because as it turns out, I like watching them too. If I had the channel where I live, I’d watch them (well, the “good ones” anyways).  I look forward to the passionate or exaggerated acting in which people yell in anger, blubber through their tears, or ooze in cheesy happiness. There is a sort of satisfaction that comes with sitting down and having your heart melt when the hot male lead is being sexy by twirling his stubborn love into his arms and tells her sweet nothings so close to her face that she can taste, smell, and feel his breath (Like in the soap, Cuidado Con el Angel). Grrrr. lol

I know, I know! I could be way more productive by writing in my room during this vacation that will end way too soon. But I love the gooey feelings I get when the two main characters encounter and have a soft or feisty moment.Even as little girls we think of prince charming and play house as a wife. So it is almost engraved in our brains of a fantasy that doesn’t really exist. At least that is how it was for me. As a little girl I was Nala searching for my Simba in the prairies, or as Jasmine for my Aladan as I played with my toys. In high school I kept searching for my high school sweetheart but I ended up with…to put it softly… buttheads. I die when my current boyfriend does something romantic. I get crazy butterflies which is soooo addicting for a girl. Feeling special and being treated like so just makes our toes curl at the thought. Maybe I’m just a huge sensitive person, but I cant help it….I liiiiike it. lol Anyhow, the craving for romance, difficult or strong, never dies within a woman. sigh…..


Writing Distractions

January 7, 2010

So my new years resolution is to continuously blog and write everyday. Kind of had a shaky start considering January 1st was several days ago… but here we go! I noticed that I am really easily distracted. My iphone, shopping, and watching television have grabbed my attention instead of sitting down with this cute Dell laptop and writing this Christmas Break. This Christmas, I got to spend a month in Florida. Boutiques, malls, department stores with crashing new sales, my iphone and spending time with family have distracted me tremendously. I am not blaming the cool technology nor the location, but lets just say it doesn’t help.

Last Christmas was spent in Nashville, TN. There wasn’t much to do and not enough cash in our pockets, so my mother and I sat and read most of our days at home. Read, Read, Read…Which I loved. I thought this vacation I would be about the same even though our wallets have stretched and  still on budget; but I was wrong. Everyday, my mother and I have visited tons of stores  and my rents have taken me to Orlando and to the beach on the weekends. We still have not fully covered our territory here in Tampa. We have vowed to not go out anymore until I leave Saturday to North Carolina. So I should be able to start the habit of writing that will help me complete my resolution.

What is it about technology that attracts us. Is it the invincible feeling of being able to do more than you thought you could with a phone?  Phones are only getting more and more advanced. Every time I visit my family, they are hooked on the newest gadget which leads me to getting caught up in the technology frenzy. Away from them, I am able to resist because I would have convinced myself that I didn’t need it and didn’t want to become another goof that craved the latest gadget that can make me fly or see through walls. lol

The iphone specifically has mesmerized me. Being able to touch the screen and be on facebook is awesome! I love it. Just feeling the soft flat screen as I command it to my will is intriguing in of itself. lol My older phone was a Blackjack one that I have had since Senior Year of high school. I love that phone but the Iphone is my new toy. But dont worry blackjack, you’ll always be my baby! lol

Scary Future

December 30, 2009

I am a junior now and I am worried. Worried about a lot of things. Things that make my stomach curl at the thought and make me breathe more shallow. I know I shouldn’t worry and that I should tell myself…oh things will come into play, but I keep thinking what if?

I always felt being prepared will avoid accidents. So I have always prepared myself. But  now, I feel like I am falling behind. Everyone majoring in journalism seem to be already involved or have been already involved in an internship. Me? Nada. Zip. I tried this past semester for a hot second at the university newspaper but I ended up losing my mind being overloaded with work, and so I saw my grades slowly falling.  With little time and much demands from my classes and the responsibility the job carried, I couldnt hack the pressure. I wasn’t happy.I was always filled with anxiety causing me to stay up late and not be able to fall asleep. I was constantly upset and crabby and so after an emotional breakdown, I felt my sanity was worth keeping so I left my internship to concentrate on my work at school while my classmates continued plugging away with the same classes and an internship at the same time. I always felt that once I get a job I could explain that I like to keep my focus….but now, it feels that once I graduate, I am on the bottom of the food chain as a candidate. I ended up with mostly As but…does that mean anything?

I want to write for a magazine or be involved in book publishing. I was thinking about changing my major from journalism to english but my adviser told me I could still do what I want to do with my major so I decided to not run more into debt and keep plugging away. I am not very interested in being journalist after taking an awful class this year that has left me discouraged and not excited about the future of journalism. I thought I wanted to be  a journalist but I don’t like the aspect of chasing people down to save my ass from being fired. I don’t like if by the end of the day, my source hasn’t contacted me, I am left to blame. I don’t know what I was expecting out of this career but I feel unhappy. Maybe there’s a different side to this field I haven’t seen yet? I would like to know what that is because so far, I feel it is soo not for me! But if an opportunity arises to be a reporter and I get the job? I will do the best I can with a positive attitude.

I know once I graduate, finding an entry level dream job  will not fall into my lap. It might take a year or two before I get to sink my teeth at the foot of my dream job. But I am willing to work hard to reach my goals. I just hope the opportunity is out there for me! I just have to listen to my boyfriend and mother and keep looking for opportunities.  I hope that I can snag a spot with the school magazine somehow and get experience from that. We will see?

Baby Boom….oh oh

July 8, 2008

It’s crazy to think that teenage girls would vow to have babies at the same time even if it meant to have them while still in high school. Unfortunatly that scenerio is happening all around America and it’s scary becuase we already have too many people to begin with. It seems that the newer generations want to destroy themselves or at least plant a bomb to set off in the future.  There is already an unwanted population of babies so I find it is absurd that teenagers would even think of having kids “just becuase”. With movies like Juno which is a film about a teenage parent, a lot of young people are starting to think it is ok to have kids at a young age. I like the movie Juno, it is a movie with great witisicsms and value but I dont feel the need to follow in the main character’s footsteps. Yet a lot of teenagers feel differently.  With the current baby boom exploding and the abortion rate going down, we have a problem on our hands.  Even though I am neutral on the subject of abortion, I find that the increase of children is rising at a wrong time. With the natural world growing slim, we humans for some reason find the need to bring a child into the world!  There arent as many wild areas as there used to be because we chop them down to accomodate for the excess population who need their own space! There is already a great divide in families due to the many bad choices made. Divorse rates, missing fathers, missing mothers, or just bad parenting all contribute to socities lack of family morals making the new generation feel lost, angry, and etc.  Fathers arent ready to be fathers and mothers (like the teens discussed above) arent ready to be mothers. 

I think it is ok to bring a child into the world but you have to ask yourself….”What’s the hurry?”  Just becuse you are a wife doesnt mean you need to have a child. Just becuase you feel unloved doesnt mean a child will solve all your lonely problems. Just because you said you would get pregnant with your friend doesnt mean you need to get pregnant.  I know a MARRIED couple that have steady jobs, have a nice home, and are in a good financial stage. They have just recently gotten pregnant with a child. Is that not the best timing? They are financially ready, mentally capable (they are nearly 30) and secure in their jobs to bring in a bundle of eating, spending, and pooping machines.  Now….a 15 year old who still throws tantrums like a 10 year old, still thinks the world revolves around Paris Hilton’s new pair of Armani shoes, and boys is not in a financially good state (still dependant on parents becuase they are STILL KIDS), do not have steady jobs (and if they do, I dont think Taco Bell will give you health benefits nor help keep you afloat with the income), AND are not mature enough to raise a child. The teenager is still a child. Can you imagine? A kid raising a kid?  Why do we need to implant to kids that having kids whenever is ok? I mean even at a young age we are like programed to have this instinct to take care of something. Little girls with baby dolls and games on a nitendo Ds!  Humans have the instinct to procreate….but we are smarter than animals…at least most of the time and need to be smart about sex…..which is why we need to teach the youngings the right time to have a kid and how to protect themselves!  With more programs that encourage abstince dissapearing, I dont know how this baby boom will stop! if it ever does

This is why we need to start educating, inforcing, and starting programs to help teenagers think TWICE about sex, and if they happen to get a little egg, what to do about it. Obviously these kids need guidence and someone to knock them in the head to get them to understand truth, and develop plain common sense. Like…..Friend you promised to get pregnant with at the same time happens to get pregnant their junior or sophmore year of highschool. What would be the thoughts we want these kids to think?

….”Oh shit, now i have to get preg just becuase i promised… im not ready but oh well!”


….”Shes crazy, ill be there for her but there is no way im going to ruin my life by getting pregnant!”

I think the answer (if you have common sense) speaks for itself…..

Public Affection

May 31, 2008

I was just thinking today of the past. I thought of all my x-relationships and even though they ended, they still had its highlights. I was remembering of all the good times in every relationship which was mostly in the beginning. I think the beginning of every relationship is the best and also the scaryist. It is scary because the possibilty of getting hurt is at its high but at the same time you still feel little butterflies in your stomach at the sight of him. Yet the best part of the beginning is the bubbling sensations you get. Its fresh, its new. Every touch, every word, hug, and kiss is electric. The best part of the relationship in my opinion is that unseperable attraction you get for the other person. Every second, every where you go no matter where you are, the other person wants to remind you that they care with constant kisses, hand plays, and hugs especially around other people. I love public affection, I love how the guy always wants to “claim” what they think is theirs. When I always started to go out with someone they would always be affectionate in public. Arm around the waist, hand in hand, or hugging me from behind kissing my neck are all loverly signs of affection. I loved being spoiled and shown off even if the other dudes already knew i was off limits. LOVE IT! To me public affection like that reads off as you are proud to be with the other person and showing how you dont want to share your special someone.  I don’t know if that is just highschool affection but im kinda sure it still occurs when your older.  Its the little things that remind me of how the other person cares, you dont have to make out in public to show your feelings becuase thats just over the top.  Plus i think public affection says alot for how the future will turn out to be.  If you get no affection when your together before you get married then you can gaurentee that there will be none in marraige. Thats my guess at least. Yet if you’re with someone who constantly is nuzzling you and kisses you all the time on the forehead not only in private but also in front of friends, you can guess that the other person will not be afraid to love you when your married.  I dont ever plan on marrying someone who doesnt display their love becuase I am a very emotional person and I love to show affection. But if i get nothing back, it makes me feel like im hitting a dead end.  I need actions to back up words, and once they join together in one argument then I am a happy camper. hehe I dont know if all girls feel the same way i do but i know that’s what I like. I think the only time you can show a min amount of affection is around family becuase its just kinda weird for me. Otherwise i say dont be ashamed boys to show your girlfriends how much you care becuase if they are anything like me…they’d be waiting for you.  So tear down your ego and public affectionize your woman! haha 🙂

Beyond Dirty Dancing

May 3, 2008

So I went to a club last night and all I can say is “wow”.  Im not a constant club go-er but I do like to dance. Last club I went to was the Inferno in Greensboro, NC and it was so much fun. They played “retro” music from the 70s to the 90s. The club had a cool dance floor that lit up and had a relaxing atmosphere. Now I went to this other club called the N-Club last night and I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was seriously like a place to go find sex. Girls were half naked and I’m not exaturating because if i can see some other girls boobs literally pop out of their bra….. or see a fold of an ass cheek, ya know there’s something too revealing in your outfit! Women were on the dance floor doing dirty moves as men stood on the outside of the dance floor with beers and cigarrette smoke while watching them. Its unbelievable how incredibly ugly this club was. Call me naive but I thought it was everyone on the dance floor just dancing away to some great hip hop beats. I expected everyone to be dancing not just 6 women in a circle going to the ground shaking their butts as men whispered to each other checking out their bodies! It was totally degrading! Then the DJ was trying to get everyone pumped up by telling them to stick up their middle fingers up and repeatedly say, “I DONT GIVE A FUCK!” When that was said, i finally concluded that this club was a place for ghetto people. That club had no class! It was like a place for women to act like hoes and men get to chose. REALLY?! Now I don’t listen to hip hop because it is not my type of music. However, I prefer hip hop when it comes to dancing because it has great beats. Yet last night i heard songs that were beyond wrong. Songs were describing women as “hoes” and also describing the oral sex that these women gave them! Drugs, sex, Drugs and more sex was the theme of every song but in the most racy way you can think of.  Friends warned me of the club’s reputation but i had no idea it was up to this extent. I would not feel safe there if I had not gone with my boyfriend and friends thats for sure!


Anyways, it is just sad to see women degrade themselves just to get a man’s attention! I mean, wow! Men are becoming more perverted because women don’t hold their class anymore. They just want to throw themselves out there like an open buffet line instead of prizing themselves and justifying their worth. Im disapointed in both sexes and it worries me too because the younger generation is copying these awful trends! My friend works at the YMCA and she said the club was not that big of a shock because she is used to seeing this behavior in middle school kids at parties at the YMCA……MIDDLE SCHOOL PEOPLE! I know if i have a child, whether boy or girl, I will drill into them what our current generations lack. Bill Cosby is fighting these ideas that younger people think is cool such as, rap music that has cuss words and terrible content, language, and etc.  Its ok for culture to evolve but we are evolving into something bad instead of something good! We need more people like Bill Cosby and such to bring back the morals that people today have forgotten.


My other friend went to this FLO RIDA concert at the N-CLub….whooo heee! She said it was graunchy because everyone was drunk and the people performing on stage brought these women up and made gestures of oral sex. He made them squat and put the women’s face into their crotches. WOW! Then these women started taking off their clothes, ON StAGE! I dont know, but to me it seems like something has to change!

Wise Words From The Dalai Lama

March 31, 2008

I’m not a Buddhist expert but I was reading Time mag about the Dalai Lama and found an interesting quote that he said that i thought was very clever. He said, “Before, destruction of your enemy was victory for your side.  But really, destruction of your enemy is destruction for yourself.”  Isn’t that clever? It’s true. The context of this statement was about the idea of Tibetans calling the Chinese their enemy.  The Dalai Lama believes them not to be the enemy but instead an important thread in a blanket. He thinks that everyone is dependent on each other; interdependence. Interdependence (quoted by the Time Mag writer Pico Iyer) is “the notion that all sentient being are linked together in a network that was classically known as Indra’s net.”  Iyer says that for the Tibetans to call the Chinese the enemy is like calling your right eye your ally and your left the foe. Interesting isn’t it? I think that statement that the Dalai Lama said also applies to everyday hardships in people’s lives. If you get hurt by someone, you would typically want Karma to hit them right back in-between the eyes. That way, they suffer like you did. But if you think about what the Dalai Lama said, to want the other person to be destroyed like you were is like destroying yourself with that anger you have towards them.  Idk, this is just what struck me. I still have to finish the article but i wanted to comment on this before I lost my idea….I’m very forgetful! 🙂