Soap Operas

My mother is into Spanish, hysterical, soap operas. Every night of the week from 8 to 10 or just 8 to 9 pm (depending if it is good enough) She devotes her time to following the lives of these fake characters. Even when the soap is starting to really suck, she nods away the suggestions to not watch them and instead, sits down with her cup of cereal to wait out for a big event where a secret is revealed, someone has died off, or whatever. Watching these soap operas are a part of the Hispanic culture. The same with sexy outfits…but that’s on another note.

I am not trying to kick soap watchers in the shins when I talk about the faults of soap operas because as it turns out, I like watching them too. If I had the channel where I live, I’d watch them (well, the “good ones” anyways).  I look forward to the passionate or exaggerated acting in which people yell in anger, blubber through their tears, or ooze in cheesy happiness. There is a sort of satisfaction that comes with sitting down and having your heart melt when the hot male lead is being sexy by twirling his stubborn love into his arms and tells her sweet nothings so close to her face that she can taste, smell, and feel his breath (Like in the soap, Cuidado Con el Angel). Grrrr. lol

I know, I know! I could be way more productive by writing in my room during this vacation that will end way too soon. But I love the gooey feelings I get when the two main characters encounter and have a soft or feisty moment.Even as little girls we think of prince charming and play house as a wife. So it is almost engraved in our brains of a fantasy that doesn’t really exist. At least that is how it was for me. As a little girl I was Nala searching for my Simba in the prairies, or as Jasmine for my Aladan as I played with my toys. In high school I kept searching for my high school sweetheart but I ended up with…to put it softly… buttheads. I die when my current boyfriend does something romantic. I get crazy butterflies which is soooo addicting for a girl. Feeling special and being treated like so just makes our toes curl at the thought. Maybe I’m just a huge sensitive person, but I cant help it….I liiiiike it. lol Anyhow, the craving for romance, difficult or strong, never dies within a woman. sigh…..


One Response to Soap Operas

  1. joycereview says:

    The question that comes is, “why does a girl/woman crave soo much.” Like anything in life, we have to weigh out our addictions. Some can be healthy habits, but if we do anything to excess, it tends to be unhealthy. If the boyfriend whom you love (pounds his chest) gives you so much of the real thing… than what is the need for fake, over-dramatics. If you want comedy, let’s watch the Office, if you want excitement let’s watch Terminator 2, if you want romance… well…you don’t even have to ask. Soap operas have always seemed very very silly to me. They don’t even try to be real otherwise it would be shot differently, different lighting, make-up, etc. I say, if you have soo much romance and fuzzy feelings pouring out of you, write your own saucy romance story… It’s sure to be much better than television.

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